The Arabic language course
  • The Arabic language course

  • CertificateYes
  • Study TypeOnline
  • TuitionYes
  • Course Type   Language Teaching
  • Language   العربية

The Arabic language course

The Arabic language course in Al-Mustafa open university is held in 12 terms (6 terms in elementary level and 6 terms in intermediate level). The participants in this course will become familiar with the four language skills (speaking, listening, reading, writing) in each level to achieve the following goals:
1. A good ability to interact and communicate with Arabic people;
2. A good ability to spread Iranian-Islamic culture in the international community.


Course details 

Prerequisite for participating in the course


Educational book’s names

Al-Arabia bayna yadayk, Al-Arabia Li-Al-Alam, Loghatona Al-Jamilah

Number of terms

12 terms

Number of sessions in each term

20 sessions

Time of each session

90 minutes

Registration fee for each term


Discount system

For students of Hawzah, Al-Mustafa university and their families

50 percent

Course teachers

Dr. Mustafa Modabberi (The course manager)
1.  Professor of higher levels in the Hawzah of Qom
2.  Arabic teacher and translator
3.  Researcher in the field of jurisprudence and principles of jurisprudence
4.  Teacher and designer of Arabic language proficiency test
5.  Professor of Ideological Workshops (Research on Wahhabism)
Morteza Mansourifard
1.  Bachelor of Engineering from Imam Khomeini University in Qazvin
2.  Studying in the sixth year of theological Howzah of Qom in Masoumiyah School
3.  Graduated of the Standard accent of Arabic Conversation from the Language Center of Masoumiyah School in Qom
4.  Graduated from the Arabic Conversation Teacher Training Course (TTC) from the Language Center of Shahid Sadouqi theological School in Qom
5.  Experience of teaching Arabic conversation in the language centers of Masoumiyah School, Shahid Sadoughi School, the management center of theological Howzah of Qom, The Main Center of Language Learning in Iran (Qom branch) and Al-Mustafa Open University for 5 years
 SomayyehSadat Alavi
1.  Experience of teaching Arabic conversation at basic to advanced levels in Quran and Hadith University and theological Howzah for 13 years
2.  Experience of teaching translation technique (Arabic to Persian) for 2 years
3.  Teaching contemporary Arabic at level 3 of women theological Howzah of Qom since last year
4.  Compilation of the Arabic educational book "The sweet Stories of Bohlool"
5.  Translation of the tenth volume of Al-Ghadir book by Allameh Amini and Ghadiriyeh sermon (in publication)