Minister of Higher Education of Afghanistan Visits Al-Mustafa Open University


Dr. Najibollah Khaje Omari, the Minister of Higher Education of Afghanistan visited Al-Mustafa Open University on Sunday, September 2nd 2018. Has was accompanied by ambassador of Afghanistan in the Islamic Republic of Iran and several members of his entourage.

In his visit to Al-Mustafa Open University, Dr. Najibollah Khaje Omari visited Hujjatoleslam Dr. Hoseini, the head of Al-Mustafa Open University.

Hujjatoleslam Dr. Hoseini explaining the teaching methods at Al-Mustafa Open University, emphasized the importance of accreditation to online and virtual education.

Dr. Najibollah Khaje Omari stated: we are planning for establishing distance learning programs in Afghanistan.

He added: to validate distance learning programs in Afghanistan recently we accredited the online and virtual international universities recognized by UNESCO.

Dr. Najibollah Khaje Omari said: we don’t have enough teachers and professors in some states in Afhghanistan, and to resolve this problem we have recently signed MOUs with some universities around the world. Also we are interested in benefiting from the capacities of Al-Mustafa Open University in Portals and online education.

After the meeting Dr. Najibollah Khaje Omari also visited the studio of Al-Mustafa Open University and an online teaching Persian language class.



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