Dr. Ali Reza A‛rafi’s Statement on the Occasion of the Beginning of the New Academic Year 2018-2019

In the Name of God; Most Gracious, Most Merciful

I would like to congratulate the dear students of the al-Mustafa International University in Iran as well as the entire world on the occasion of the beginning of the new academic year and, at the same time, express my consolation on the anniversary of the al-Taff Event that led to the martyrdom of Imam al-Hussein, the father of all freemen, along with an honorable crowd of his family members and loyal companions.
Seizing this opportunity, I extend my arrant acknowledgement to my working mates, including principals, officials, and professors, as well as my brothers and sons the students, praying to God the Almighty to lead them to every success and achievement in their new academic year.
The al-Mustafa International University has always been a worldwide pioneering seminary that has incessantly kept advancing forward like a heavy fruitful and tall tree whose leaves are widely extended and tangled all over horizons. Praising God the All-glorified for this great favor, I would like to list hereinafter a group of notes, hoping that they will contribute to the growth of the University’s scientific and practical process and to the speeding up of its paces:
1. Putting the hand on points of weakness and reconsidering, reforming, and improving the methods of treatment are all basic conditions on which the progression of any great movement are contingent. Therefore, the al-Mustafa International University must not stop at the status quo and close the eyes to the challenges and difficulties to be inevitably faced. Rather, it is necessary for the University to adopt for itself an accurate and all-inclusive view through which it can rebuild itself in order to sketch wider bright horizons, thus creating fundamental changes that help it to be creative in all field of creativity, reconstruct all of its programs and priorities, and put into practice all its plans as accurately as possible.
2. The University is advised to take on patience in all particular and difficult circumstances, considering it to be the utmost necessity at the various levels of action. This is so because patience always results in innovatively overcoming all difficulties and attaining the highest pinnacles. Thus, the al-Mustafa International University is prudently required to promote ever-renewed progress, on the path prescheduled, towards its supreme divine, faith-based, and human goals.
It is therefore necessary for the University to possess the competence of intellectual innovation, ingenuity, and creativity in order to be able to drive humanity towards its superb objectives. Likewise, the University must be characterized by inspired resistance and wise flexibility under all circumstances and must never fail to carry out the gross missions assigned to it under all conditions.
3. Within the very important elements that everyone is expected to care about and apply are cooperation, mutual amicability, and reciprocal help between all the personnel of this respected university. In addition, excellent treatment and observance of the spirits of collaboration between principals, officials, mentors, and students inside and outside Iran are as important elements as the previously mentioned ones. Of course, this can be accessible once everybody relies on such compact pillars like knowledge, sincerity, altruism, scientificity, and adoption of the true divine, Islamic, and Quranic ethics.
4. I request all gentle professors, dear students, scientific departments, and all others, to strengthen as much as possible the scientific foundations and to employ all the excellent and genuine norms of the Religious Seminary. I also call them to make use of all modern technologies and devices in the fields of intensifying the understandings and improving the quality of performance and scientific product. Correspondingly, I lay much emphasis on the point that programs exclusive to the creative, superior, and productive students must be paid extra attention, especially those programs that contribute to solving the current problems of the world.
5. Needless to say, the al-Mustafa International University assumes the same logic of good reason, wisdom, and knowledge that direct man’s life, as well as the modern world, towards correctitude and save man from keeping walking in gloomy paths. In this regard, we are committed to dialogues of the different religions and cultures in the same degree of our commitment to creating mutual communication and empathy amongst the different Muslim sects, basing so on the principle of the shared divine and Islamic identity and the Islamic cultural and civilizational assessment. We thus deny all forms of imposing one’s beliefs on the others in the same way as we deny all sectarian disputes and conflicts, accusations of disbelief, and all sorts of religious and sectarian extremism. Hence, we arrange our epistemological, ethical, and behavioral system according to the principles of the great Islamic Revolution.
6. In the long run, we have our own view—that is adequately sufficient—about the scientific and epistemological referential course of the University. In this regard, the following principles manifest themselves as importantly considered:
a) Growth of intellectual product, enhancement of the scopes of theorization, and grading on the theses and researches at all levels, especially with regard to the university treatises, propositions, essays, bulletins, and different writings.
b) Developing the teaching system and the scientific departments and expanding them on the basis on a new teaching strategy in addition to strengthening the complementary and specialized studies in the practical fields and in the short-termed and virtual courses as modelled on the social and cultural networks.
c) Ever-increasing interest in the all-comprehensive growth of personality and enhancing the researchers’ spirituality and morality on the basis on the all-inclusive educative system and the great values of the Religious Seminary provided that they be well-matched with the needs of the modern world.
d) Expanding the scopes of relationships between the different religions, sects, and cultures as well as boosting the relationships with the other cultural and scientific institutes, along with highlighting the active and constructive role of the al-Mustafa International University in such processes that should be associated with a well-studied presence of the students in the scientific and cultural neighborhoods around the world and making use of all modern and technical theories that contribute to spreading the different fields of divine knowledge throughout the world.
e) Reinforcing the international aspects of the al-Mustafa International University, helping the different branches of the Religious Seminary and all the subordinate offices and boards, and keeping in contact with all scientific centers in Iran and all over the world. All these goals should be accompanied by heightening the Islamic fundamentals and securing the elevated identify of the Religious Seminary all over the parts of the al-Mustafa University along with conforming to the pertinent directives of the grand religious referential authorities, especially the valuable intellectual heritage left by the late Imam al-Khomeini and the directives that were and are still issued by his successor the Leader of the Islamic Revolution (God save him).
Finally, I once more express my acknowledgement to the gentle mentors, principals, personnel, and my brothers and sons the students, hoping that they will come across a new academic year that is replete with success and achievement. I also make an apology for any failure that might have been seen from me, praying to God the Almighty to support Islam, grant might to the Muslims, all monotheists, and all the weakened, for He is All-hearing and Responsive. The last of our pray is: All praise is due to God, Lord of the Worlds.

Ali Reza A‛rafi
Chairman of the al-Mustafa International University
Septemeber 2018

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