Education at Al-Mustafa Open University




The Education Department

The constraints of traditional, in-person education and its inherent requirements have, in contrast with the growing interest in the acquisition of science and technology, led to the birth of innovative approaches in effective and creative education. This evolution has brought us closer to the ideal of equal educational opportunities for all. One such innovative approach is distance education, facilitated by the Internet, also known as E-Learning. This method of education encompasses all aspects of the learning processes - from admission and evaluation of prospective students, course selection, to interaction between professors and students, examinations, and academic evaluations - all conducted online. This allows students unrestricted access to the provided content, irrespective of time or location. Leveraging the interactive tools at their disposal, professors and administrators can effectively monitor and evaluate the academic progress of students, tailoring lesson plans to suit individual or group needs.

Now 14 years later, having gone through various challenges, Al-Mustafa Virtual University (PBUH) stands as the sole international Shia virtual university. With a focus on fostering unity among Islamic sects, it offers formal degrees and short-term courses across a diverse range of fields and specializations. These services are provided in several of the world’s major languages.


Advantages of Online University Courses

The possibility of studying Islam and Humanities any time and from any location.

Benefiting from specialized professors and experts from seminaries and universities.

Completing all stages of admission, assessment, course selection, course delivery, academic evaluation, and educational and cultural services online.

Online access to academic and educational resources.

Offering seminary and university courses in the world's major languages.

Benefiting from ethical and spiritual programs and academic cultural trips.

Receiving an accredited international academic certificate or degree.


The Education System

The University Education System

Bachelor's Degree

Master's Degree


Short-Term and Training Courses

These type of educational programs include various practical courses tailored to the needs, interests, and different levels of students in various parts of the world. The advantage of these programs lies in their diversity of topics, practicality, and short duration.


Different Types of University Majors

Bachelor's Degree (7 Majors)

  • Quran and Hadith Studies
  • Islamic Jurisprudence
  • Philosophy and Islamic Mysticism
  • Islamic Theology
  • Shia Studies
  • Islamic Studies and Women's Studies
  • Persian Language and Literature

Master's Degree – Specializing in 9 Fields

  • Exegesis and Quranic Sciences
  • Family Jurisprudence
  • Islamic Ethics (Focus on Practical Ethics)
  • Islamic Ethics (Focus on the Philosophy of Ethics)
  • Islamic Theology
  • Islamic Studies
  • Personal Rights
  • Religion and Media
  • Persian Language and Literature


Available Languages

7 languages: Persian, Arabic, English, French, Azerbaijani, Turkish (Istanbuli), and Urdu