Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the required documents for applying to the university?

2. What official academic credentials/certificates does Jamia Al-Mustafa offer?

3. What validity do documents issued by the open university have?

4. What are the minimum educational requirements for enrolling at the university?

5. Is it possible to complete the application process before submitting required documents?

6. What is the admission and application process at Jamia Al-Mustafa Open University?

7. How long does it take for an applicant’s acceptance to be determined?

8. Is it possible to transfer from the traditional Jamia Al-Mustafa University to the open university for further studies?

9.How can one find out about acceptance into the university?

10.For instance, can someone with a Medicine degree enroll in a Master’s program?

11.Is it necessary to present a high school completion certificate for the bachelor degree programs if one has a higher educational degree, such as a bachelor’s degree?

12.What are the specific conditions for passing the entrance exam?

13.Is an entrance exam required for participation in long-term courses?

14.Are only a limited number of people admitted to the second semester?

15.If our educational degree is not valid in Iran, is it still possible to apply?

16.How much time do we have to submit our documents?

17.Can I apply if I don’t have a pre-university certificate?

18.After applying and the start of the first semester if I am unable to participate due to a problem, what should I do? Is it possible to return in the next semester?

19.If I fail in the first academic semester, is it possible to study again?

20.What is the user code?

21.What should I do if I forget or lose my user code, password, or both?

22.How can I submit/send my documents?

23.Can one enroll in a master’s degree program with a Doctor of Medicine degree?

24.Is it possible to enroll in the bachelor degree courses with a higher educational degree, such as an associate’s degree in unrelated fields?