Wisdom and Religion Studies


The Faculty of Wisdom and Religion Studies at Al-Mustafa Open University specializes in Islamic philosophy, theology, and Islamic mysticism, as well as the exploration of various religions. Offering both bachelor and master's degrees, the faculty accepts students in seven widely spoken languages worldwide. The bachelor degree program offers courses in philosophy and Islamic mysticism in Farsi, English, and Arabic, along with shia studies in Persian. Additionally, Islamic theology is available in English, French, Turkish, Arabic, and Azeri. In the master's degree program, students can study Islamic theology in Farsi and Arabic, and Islamic studies in Azeri, Turkish, French, Urdu, and English.



The aim of this faculty is to recruit, educate and train students from across the world in the disciplines of philosophy, theology, Islamic mysticism, Islamic sects and religions, and Abrahamic and Eastern religions in order to strengthen the foundations of rationality and divine spirituality. Additionally, another goal of this faculty is to train seasoned educators in the field of wisdom and religions to promote Islamic knowledge and wisdom.


Faculty Members

  1. Dr. Ali Ahmadi Amin
  2. Dr. Tawfiq Asdaf
  3. Dr. Abbas Ali Barati