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Jamia Al-Mustafa is a revered institution established for the advancement and clarification of Islamic teachings and the Shia school of thought. Given that a significant number of applicants are Persian speakers and a substantial portion of Islamic and Shia teachings are available in Persian, this university has endeavored to leverage the extensive proficiency in the Persian language among professors and students, alongside conducting educational programs in other languages. Additionally, among the volunteers of Jamia Al-Mustafa, a considerable number are interested in learning the Persian language; thus, a faculty of language, literature, and cultural studies was established to simultaneously teach the Persian language and literature alongside religious teachings. This successful initiative continues to expand each day. This faculty accepts students at three levels: bachelor’s degree in Persian Language and Islamic Studies, and bachelor's and master's degrees in Persian Language and Literature.


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      A) Bachelor's in Persian Language and Islamic Studies

The bachelor's program in Persian language and Islamic studies is offered in Persian at Al-Mustafa Open University. Students initially learn the Persian language and, alongside it, become acquainted with the Quran, religious laws, Arabic morphology and syntax, and Islamic history. This program is suitable for students interested in the Persian language while seeking to learn Islamic teachings as well. Over four academic terms, 72 credit units are offered, with a portion dedicated to learning the Persian language. Students learn Persian or strengthen their language skills after completing 40 credit units. The remaining 32 credit units focus on introducing students to Islamic teachings. Upon completion, students receive a bachelor's degree in Persian Language and Islamic Studies.

       B) Bachelor's in Persian Language and Literature

The bachelor's program in Persian language and literature is designed focusing on the audience's needs and is suitable for individuals interested in familiarizing themselves with one of the world's richest cultures. This course is designed to acquaint students with the culture and Persian language literature; therefore, many non-essential topics unsuitable for the language proficiency level of foreign students are omitted, and instead lessons are taught to acquaint foreign students with the rich Persian literature. This program is offered over eight semesters, totaling 132 credit units, and students benefit from renowned and distinguished professors in this field.

       C) Master's in Persian Language and Literature

While paying attention to the present era of specialization, Persian literature has also been divided into various branches and sub-disciplines. A master's in Persian literature is suitable for students seeking more extensive study opportunities and a specialized approach to topics in this field. This program consists of four academic terms, and upon completing the required units students must submit a thesis paper. Graduates of this program receive a certificate and can pursue teaching positions in Persian language and literature with these credentials.




  1. Promoting and expanding Islamic-Iranian culture.
  2. Thoroughly teaching the Persian Language.
  3. Teaching Islamic studies and culture alongside language instruction.
  4. Providing specialized courses in Persian literature at the bachelor degree level.
  5. Further study opportunities and a more specialized approach by offering a master's program in Persian literature.



Head of the Persian Language and Literature Faculty


Throughout our many years of offering a variety of courses in this department, prominent figures have held this position.


Dr. Salman Rahimi            From 2021 to present


Faculty Members


  1. Dr. Fatemeh Haji Rahimi PhD in Persian Language and Literature
  2. Dr. Atifeh Khodayi PhD in Persian Language and Literature