Visiting the Islamic Republic of Iran’s ambassador in Algeria from Al-Mustafa Virtual University



According to the virtual university’s public relations report during the meeting of the Iran’s ambassador in Algeria with the virtual university of Al-Mustafa while being in the presidium meeting, the university chancellor “while welcoming him” said; Al-Mustafa Virtual University is one of the important scientific centers that has placed virtual education at the top of Al-Mustafa's scientific program. This center is one of the most important centers that answers the thirst of those interested in Islamic education in a scientific academic atmosphere.

The university chancellor Mr. Arjomandfar added further more: One of the most important current activities in the virtual university, which has always been welcomed and pleasured by scholars from different countries, is teaching Farsi language. It can be claimed that both the teaching method and authored books are unique in the field of language learning in Iran.

He continued: They are studying in the virtual university from different countries. Scholars from North Africa and especially Algeria also are studying in this university. The university effort is in the field of gathering Islam’s religion sections which we also emphasize for that. Of course, Quranic teachings have also been more welcomed and accepted.

Mr. Babaie, Iran’s ambassador, also stated: According to different conditions, the virtual university is more preferable for many scholars around the world countries. It is so much important to introduce and recognize the capacities of the two countries, and the embassies are also a good communication channel in the field of promotion and education. Language and its education is also an important entrance to enter a society and it is considered as one of the priority topics and Farsi language education is a high priority for us.